Elixir Of Cağaloğlu Hamamı

Enter a land of serenity and renewal with a pampering ritual that begins with a purifying Turkish bath experience. In the company of 2 therapists, after 15 minutes of warm room rest to cleanse and refresh the body at the same time, skilled hands gently massage a scrub and foam massage for 45 minutes and apply a detoxifying organic clay mask for 15 minutes to remove dead skin and impurities. Then, rebirth is completed with a 45-minute aromatherapy experience in our private massage room. These relaxation rituals include rehydrating, healthy drinks and nutritious food to be served with a 15-minute foot massage in the privacy of your lodge, and our special bath products in a handmade ceramic bath bowl,  Turkish cologne, pestemal (towel) and hamam cosmetics to be given as a gift after the session.

Short Summary:
– All treament is done by two terapist
– 15 minutes hot room rest
– 10 minutes rubbing with kese (private one-use glove)
– 35 min. bubble bath (foam massage)
– 15 minutes full body clay mask
– 45 min. aromatherapy massage (in private room)
– 15 min. foot and hand massage
Treats : Turkish tea, home-made sherbet, Turkish Delight, appetizers and fruit

Our Gifts : Ceramic bowl, pestemal (hamam towel) , Turkish Cologne , Cagaloglu Hamam Cosmetics , Olive oil soap .

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IMPORTANT NOTE : All guests are treated with linden shampoo, hair cream, body lotion, %100 olive oil Ayvalik soap, one-use slippers, towels and brechclothe. Our guests who are in their first or last three moths of pregnancy, who have heart diseases, diabets or asthma are not advised to use the bath. The Cagaloglu Hamam takes no responsibility in such occasions.

The use of bath is not advised also for guests who have recently consumed alcohol, who are famished or full; the hamam, again, would take no responsibility in such occasions. Children below 6 ages are not allowed for hamam. Our guests under the age of 18 can experience the hammam with an adult.