Sultan Mahmud The First


Cagaloglu Hamam, built by Sultan Mahmud the First, presents a package that honors his name with a service that is worth of sultans. After 15 minutes of hot room, rest comes 45 minutes of rubbing and bubble massage conducted by two. You will then be treated with 15 minutes of feet massage in your private room along with a collagen face-mask treat which promises a total renewal. The ritual which in the end presents a 45-minute aromatherapeutic massage, concludes with sultan-worthy treats and offers a truly royal experience.

Short Summary:
-15 min. hot room rest (like sauna)
-10 min. rubbing with kese (private one-use glove) by two therapists
-35 min. bubble bath (foam massage) by two therapists
-15 min. foot massage
-Collagen mask application
-45 min. aromatherapy massage (in private room)
Treats : Turkish tea, home-made sherbet, Turkish
Delight, appetizers and fruit

Our Gifts : Pestemal (hamam towel), Cologne, Cagaloglu Hamam Cosmetics

200 EURO

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IMPORTANT NOTE: All guests are treated with linden shampoo, hair cream, body lotion, %100 olive oil Ayvalik soap, one-use slippers, towels, and breechcloth. Our guests who are PREGNANT ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE A SERVICE, and who have heart disease, diabetes, or asthma are not advised to use the bath. 


The use of a bath is not advised for guests who have recently consumed ALCOHOL, who are famished or full; the hamam, again, would take no responsibility in such occasions. CHILDREN BELOW 6 AGES are not allowed for hamam. Our guests under the age of 18 can experience the hammam with an adult.