Additional Services

30 Minutes Foot Massage

We promise you a wonderful rest in the unique architecture of Cağaloğlu Bath after a pleasant Istanbul tour. After using the Turkish bath for 10 minutes by skilled therapists, a foot massage with our aromatic oils for 30 minutes will make you forget your tiredness. It provides instant relief to the feet and calves as it reduces swelling of the foot by stimulating blood circulation. This experience is also available near by the decorative pool. In the meantime, enjoy our sherbet and healthy treats that we will offer you.


45 Minutes Aromatherapy Massage

Under our 300-year-old famous dome, natural aromatherapy oils are gently diffused into the body with classical massage techniques and surround the senses with their pleasant scents, enhancing the perceptual experience. After 10 minutes of use in the hammam, aromatic massage is applied by our skilled therapists for 45 minutes in our special massage rooms in our westing hall for men and women. Enjoy our exotic fruit treat after the massage. It is also the number one choice of massage enthusiasts.


Detoxifying Organic Clay Mask for Full Body